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Raw 9/19/2016

Opening Segment: Reigns, Stephanie, Foley, and Owens
(J): Good to see they didn't try to make Reigns deliver the entire opening bit himself. At least they are learning somethings. Then again, having Foley say, "how can they boo Roman Reigns" is a sure fire way to make sure they boo Roman Reigns. Looking forward to the Cage Match tonight. It's been a while since we've seen one of those on Raw.
(S): I'm glad they are at least going oh yea continuity is a thing and addressing stuff. The cage match makes sense. Now Reigns can go over with nothing to lose for owens, but later when they want to pull the trigger on reigns v owens they can justify it with this win. Rollins v Rusev just before the ppv is bad though, because neither can look bad given their spots. I expect a lame finish to what would be a good match.


Match #1 - Rollins vs Rusev

(J): Rusev took on some big names in his undefeated streak, but one of the top names he never faced was Rollins. This match delivered what I expected from these two, just not on the scale I would have like to have seen. I was wondering what they would do here since I don't think they would want either of them losing steam going into Sunday. I guess the double count out is the most logical choice. I was surprised to see Rollins clearly standing victorious over the Bulgarian Brute though. Match Rating: 4/5.
(S): Double countout was expected, well the indecisive finish part anyway. The crowd was pretty upset at it from the boos, I thought the pairing was odd but what can ya do. 3.5/5

Backstage segment: Dana, Charlotte, Foley
(J): Saw this coming from last week. Surprised they waited until now to address it. Unsure if this is a work or a shoot turned into a work, but I'm surprised that they are going to go with the triple threat angle here. Sasha and Charlotte need a one-on-one match to settle this.
(S): I wonder how much the psuedo injury of Sasha changed plans? I know at one point it was rumored Sasha was considered injury prone by Vince and he didn't want her having the title. If that's the case expect Bayley to take it sunday. I am for Charlotte turning to her feud with Dana and a long proper Sasha Bayley feud on the main roster.

Interlude: Cruiserweights
(J): This is going to add a whole new level to Raw, and I'm glad to see its addition! This is going to be awesome!
(S): Cruiserweights so excited. Cedric Alexander looks amazing, and I've always like The Brian Kendrick.

Backstage segment: JeriKO
(J): Was good, but not quite up to the standard I expect from these guys.
(S): Love Jericho. This is my favorite run of his in a long time.


Match #2 - Stowman vs Sin Cara

(J): Nice to see Strowman actually work here. Strowman finally got the catch spot without dropping the guy and having to recover. Match Rating: 2.5/5.
(S): I'm not sure what to think here. Strowman v Sin Cara is a snooze because of the vastly different sizes and skill and Sin Cara by himself has been a dud for a while. This was just a snooze. 2/5

Backstage Segment: Bayley and Sasha
(J): I love some Bayley and Sasha, but I don't think this was necessary. Let's just get to the match please.
(S): I feel the same as Josh. Too much backstage and authority figure stuff.

Match #4 - Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Dana Brooke and Charlotte
(J): Good match here. Pretty much what I expected, except Dana held her own a little better than I expected. I really thought we'd see someone turn on their partner here. Either Charlotte would leave Dana high and dry, or Sasha would jump on Bayley after the match. Glad to see that neither happened, but I really expected it. I'm not sure what to expect here going in to Sunday. I kind of think Bayley just might walk away with the title. We haven't had an underdog champion in a while, and I think Bayley would make an excellent one. It's also a route they haven't done in the Women's division for a while. Match Rating: 3/5.
(S): Was a decent match. Dana didn't look as lost as she does usually so there's that. I'm glad she's improving, it would be a waste of her time being around 3 great women wrestlers and not pick stuff up. 3/5

Backstage Segment: Rollins and Stephanie
(J): Finally some hint at the explanation for HHH's actions. More tweener stuff from Steph. It's working to sell Rollins as the anti-face, but I'm not finding it very interesting. I feel like Stephanie can't commit to this new character very well.
(S): Steph doesn't really know if she's a face or heel any better than any of us. Her interactions with Foley are weird and awkward to me where she's all “I'm obviously heel but my right hand is a loveable face so I'm not sure what to do”. I'm excited for Rollins v Triple H though and sundays Rollins v Owens should be good and it's a feud we haven't seen in wwe.

Match 5 - Bo Dallas vs Gary Graham
(J): "Let's go jobber" chant. Can't even get the guys name, and they still chant him over Bo. More of a squash this week, with only one real move from Graham. Match Rating 2/5. 
(S): Bo isn't getting over with the jobber matches, but the chant was funny. 2/5


Match 6 - Best of Seven series, match #6: Cesaro vs Sheamus

(J): Loving that Celtic Cross Back Breaker from Sheamus. Good back and forth here. These two are telling some great stories in their matches. It concerns me though that they are only saying that the winner will get a "title opportunity"and not a "universal title opportunity". When they first said that the winner would get a title shot, I automatically assumed that it would be for THE title. Guess I must have been wrong about that. I look for Cesaro to take the series on Sunday, but I'm not sure now if that's a good thing. If they were to give him a Universal Title shot, it would be awesome, but they would have to put it off a little while since I'm not sure what his place would be in the current title picture, and I don't look for it to be reset back to zero after Sunday. Match Rating: 3.5/5.
(S): As expected, tied and finale at NoC. The Sheamus tries to cheat and gets caught was funny. Presume Cesaro wins and gets a shot at the still US Champ Rusev. 3/5

Backstage segment: Foley and Jericho
(J): Jericho is money anytime he's on the screen. Great stuff here between these two.
(S): Love Jericho. And his ...of Jericho stuff is great. Drink it in maaaaan.

In-Ring Promo: Jericho, Enzo and Cass, Shining Stars, New Day, and Gallows and Anderson
(J): I was curious about why Enzo and Cass came out, but once New Day's music hit, I pretty much knew we were headed for a 10 man tag. Short segment, but some good delivery from these groups. 
(S): I wasn't shocked about Enzo and Cass as they justhad a mini feud that started the Owens/Jericho friendship. As soon as people started joining in I was like “10 Man tag”. Sure enough. WWE is nothing if not predictable at times. 

Match 7 - 10 man tag match: Jericho, Shining Stars and Gallows and Anderson vs. New Day, Enzo and Cass, and Sammi Zayne

(J): Usually matches this big wind up a mess because you can't keep track of everyone once it breaks down, which it inevitably will. They did a good job of this one tonight though, and I was glad to see Enzo and Cass finally pick up a win. Match Rating: 3/5.
(S): Standard giant tag match. Wasn't as sloppy as I'd expect with so many moving parts. Decent enough. 3/5

Cruiserweight division introduction: Innaugural match - Gran Metallik vs The Brian Kendrick vs Cedric Alexander vs Rich Swann, Fatal Four Way - winner takes on TJ Perkins Sunday for Cruiserweight title.
(J): I've missed the cruiserweight division. This is THE must see match of the night. Absolutely stole the show. So many good spots. You just really need to see this match for yourself. You won't be disappointed. I have to say, I never really cared much for Kendrick in his first run, but I'm really enjoying this "savvy veteran" style that he's taking on. The little touches, like jamming Rich Swann's foot into the ring steps to keep him tied up, just give him a very different dimension to his wrestling than the other cruiserweights. I think the only thing holding this back is the fact that it's a Fatal Four-way, and while that does allow more superstars to be showcased, I also feels like it limits what they superstars can really pull off becaues they have to make sure to give everyone their time. Match Rating: 4.5/5.
(S): Good god I love cruiserweights and Luche Libre. Surprised Kendrick picked up the V. Gonna be a good one sunday. 4/5


Match 9 - Cage Match: Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens

(J): Mick Foley is right about one thing at least: Roman Reigns can work. Keep him off the mic and in the ring. Kevin Owens can have a great match with anyone, but he is most definitely not carrying Reigns in these last two match ups. Hard to follow that cruiserweight actions, but I think they did it well and in a way that was meaningful and entertaining. Reigns wins. Guess his probation is coming to an end. We'll know after the US title match on Sunday. Rusev for the beat down. Much like the first match, they are trying to keep anyone from looking like the weaker opponent. Match Rating: 3.5/5.
(S): See I like Reigns. I agree his superman punch needs to go, at least the cocking motion he does. Also as much as I like the spear I hate it as a finisher outside Rhyno. Even Goldberg used it to set up a finish. I love Reigns' powerbomb, and he needs more of that as a finish. This was a good match, and I wasn't shocked as nothing but bragging rights were on the line. 4/5

(J): So glad to see the cruiserweights added to the show. They are going to really bring the show to another level. All in all, this was a pretty good show tonight. It did get a little heavy on backstage stuff, but we are heading into the PPV this Sunday, so they have to squeeze in the story whenever they can. Good note to bring us into Sunday with. Overall Ratiing: 3.5/5,
(S): Decent show. Typical go home for a PPV, settling the matches and tying things up for the blow offs of feuds. I hate that they did Rollins/Rusev as there was no good way for that to end for the guys as they need the momentum. Reigns going over Owens doesn't hurt him, because to be honest it's Owens. He has so much good will and fan backing that his losses rarely hurt him. Rusev needs to look like a beast always or he turns into the next Mark Henry. I don't expect Reigns to go over, not necessarily because of the suspension punishment, but because I feel the powers that be want him to be top dog again pretty badly and this is only a momentary sidestep till he's ready. Finally the crusierweights debuted. I know the CWC just finished and that's why, but this has been the thing on raw most anticipated. Honestly if they were just doing the Strowman/Jax/Bo jobber/squash matches to kill time until cruiserweights hit then good, if they still try to fit 3 of these in one show while they have a good amount of cruiserweights I'm gonna be nonplussed. I'm still on the fence on Steph/Foley as it doesn't make much sense right now, but I'm hoping for the payoff that Steph is straight up Heel and in the end it was alla plot to get fans to love her by appointing the loveable Foley. Here's looking to Night of Champions 3.5/5

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