Monday, October 3, 2016

Smackdown Live! - 9/27/2016

In Ring Segment - Orton Calls out Wyatt

(S): It was meh at best. Raw was right to start strong with combat. Hopefully we see less of this.

J): I was hoping that Smackdown would take a page out of Raw's book and kick it off with an actual match. One of the things that made Smackdown different from Raw back during the first brand split, was ths Smackdown took the time to tell stories like this. I'm willing to go with it for now. Let's see where this takes us.

Backstage Segment - Dean Ambrose

(S): Ugh more backstage. Get on with it.

J): I would also like to get on with it, but at least Dean is working this well. If I thought this would matter at all, then I could go with it. But we know Dean is not walking out with the title tonight, so why bother with it.

Match 1 - Usos and Ascension vs American Alpha and Rhyno & Slater (aka Beauty and the Man-Beast)

(S): New music for the Usos, nice slow burn heel transition. This was mostly to further Usos v Slater & Rhyno soon. Ok match for what it was. 3/5

(J): I feel like we have an odd cross pollinated story line here, and I feel bad for the Ascension for being the awkward fourth wheel... But heay at least they getting screen time unlike the Vaudvillains or the Hype Bros. I agree with Stew, the match was what it was. The real thing to talk about here is the Usos. I'm loving this evolution that they are going through. Their look is coming together, the music is a good change, and the finishing move is a nice new touch (though I do wish they could figure out a smoother transition from the kick to the hold). I just don't konw what they are planning here. Rhyno and Slater are the champes, Usos are #1 contenders, but AA have a grudge with the Usos, and the Ascension are... well they are there. Match Rating: 2.5/5/

Backstage segment: The Miz

(S): They are playing up the Miz being hometown guy here.

(J): At least this is just a quick cut to the back and not really a true promo done backstage.

Backstage segment: Orton Searches for Wyatt

(S): What even is this? Is this going to continue all night? 

(J): I like it. Bray is at his best when he can play these mind games with people. As long as this pays off well, I'll go for the ride.


Match #2 - Nikki and Naomi vs Natalya and Carmella

(S): Another quick match to put Carmella over Nikki. I'm assuming Nikki gets the babyface win at the next PPV? 2/5

(J): Well, not much to say here. They weren't really out long enough for me to even start getting into the match. I was really hoping that after last week we would actually get to see a good match. Guess they fooled me. Match Rating: 2/5.

 Backstage segment: Orton Searches for Wyatt

(S): Please hurry up on this.

(J): The search for Wyatt continues. I'm actually enjoying this. I'm already in a Halloween state of mind, and this is suiting my mood quite well. It does seem a little extraneous to linger quite so long on some of the shots, but again, I'll go with it. 

In-ring Segment: The Miz Celebrates

(S): Great promo from these guys. I wonder if Ziggler is going to leave and come back after a break with a new gimmick? I assume Ziggler takes the title, but could go a different direction.

(J): I agree, great work here. Where was this about 2-3 weeks ago? If they had kept this level of intensity, I would have been much more forgiving of them in that last bout. Again, if it turns out that Miz is jumping ship to the Red Brand, I look for Ziggler to take the title. If not though, I'm not sure what to expect at this pint.

Match 3 - Becky Lynch vs -- wait never mind

(S): Standard fake match interrupted by an attack here. Makes Bliss look like a real threat. While WWE seems to book Becky badly sometimes, I don't see her losing the title already, especially if my prediction of the Usos taking the tag titles from Slater and Rhyno happen..

(J): Didn't we see this last week in the women's division? I guess they couldn't get some jobber to show up for Becky to wrestle for a bit before Alexa attacked. I agree, with Stew. We won't see the Lass Kicker drop the title at No Mercy, but I'm glad to see Bliss breaking out.

Backstage Segment: Wyatt Promo

(S): Finally Orton finds him and beats him up. Bray looks dumb. Not happy with this. 

(J): Well you lost me. A little part of me perked up when Orton rose up behind Bray in the Sheep mask like the Great Pumpkin, and if Bray had been set up previously to this story line as being a dominant force to be reckoned with, it would have worked. I probably would have even cheered a little bit... but this? This is not a payoff. Stew is right, Bray is just looking weak and dumb, and I'm losing any interest I had in him.


Match 3 - (For real this time) Styles vs. Ambrose

(S): Wow only 3 matches in 2 hours? Good match as expected of these guys. Of course Cena was involved in the finish. Cena hits a finisher on both guys and stands strong. No way he takes the belt from Styles, as they are touting how close he is to tying Flair's record. I think Cena will tie it or even exceed it one day, but I don't think the triple threat is that day. I hope Styles keeps it forever. 3/5

(J): Pretty solid match here. So, Ambrose stood tall last week, this week Cena is left starnding, so I guess next week will be AJ. I really wish they would have left this as AJ vs Ambrose for No Mercy before interjecting Cena. Given that this was still going to be a Triple Threat regardless of the result, I would almost have preferred to see Ambrose walk away with the title tonight just to shake things up. Given how most of the PPVs have been going lately, I think they need to do something to get our attention when it comes to these kinds of matches on TV. Match Rating: 3/5. 


(S): Lackluster Smackdown, a huge letdown after how good it's been. They spent entirely too much time on Orton and Wyatts stuff, with only 2 hours. Only 3 matches was a let down as well. Overall a 2/5 for evening. While the average was 2.5 or 3, the excessive dragging feeling pulled down solidly to 2. I hope they get back on stride as this has consistently been the better show since the split.

(J): What is going on with Smackdown tonight? Only three matches, and one of them was somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes? With only 3 matches, and no big pay off really to any of the segments, tonights show just really fell flat. Stew is absolutely right, up to this point, Smackdown has been better show, but Raw is making some interesting choices, and the additions of the Cruiserwights are starting to shift things in their favor. Overall Rating: 2/5.

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