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Smackdown Live! - 9/20/2016

In Ring Segment - Smackdown Women's Championship Contract Signing

(S): Bryan made the comment “this signing will be different, civil. I knew it was a lie. The segment made me less hyped for Bliss, which is sad, and they are pushing the Harley Quinn too much. I don't see Becky losing the title in the first defense and if she does it will be a stupid decision. I was worried that they were going to leave Becky looking weak and crying when she got the table put on her and Bliss triumphantly left, was glad Becky ran out and gave it to her. Was worried but ended well.
J): So I guess we're definitely not even going to pretend that Bliss isn't ripping off Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, as this is the second week in a row that Renalo has called her the "Harley Quinn of the WWE." I, too, was glad to see Becky come back with a beating of her own. She's the champ now, she needs to present a strong front.

Backstage Segment - The Miz and Daniel Bryan

(S): Ugh this crap. I hope it plays into something. Also I expect Bryan to screw Miz to prove a point, because he should after all this.
J): I agree with Stew that something needs to come of this to take time to focus on it like this. Perhaps we'll see the title change hands tonight?


Match 1 - Usos vs American Alpha

(S): Usos look is getting more defined, and now they have no video, just their names. Good touch, hopefully new music soon too. Expected Alpha to get back heat here, until it was announced the winners would get title shots at CotC, then I knew Usos with the leg injury angle for the win. I expect Rhyno and Slater to drop the titles so AA can chase em. What's with the Usos new heel taunt after a match where they shush the crowd? It doesn't play into anything they're doing.  Overall 3/5
(J): Chad Gable is a fantastic technical wrestler, but Jason Jordan is just scary impressive. He pretty much botched the launch on that flapjack, but he still just muscled Jimmy up into the air. I also liked how they had Jordan make the decision to not tag in Gable because of his injury. Really set those guys up as major baby-faces, but keeping them looking strong at the same time. Excellent touch! Match Rating: 4/5.

Backstage segment: Slater and Rhyno confronted by the Usos

(S): Also the Rhyno and Slater eating cheese and crackers was great. After the match they did a backstage bit with the Usos and Rhyno and Slater and the promo work of the Usos here was just bad. Rhyno crushing the crackers in anger was funny.
(J): Slater and Rhyno might just be the most entertaining thing on TV, bar none. Those damn crackers... And can we please call them Beauty and the Man-Beast? Screw it I'm calling them that anyway. Rhyno's dead pan is just perfection. I think the Usos might legitimately be scared of Rhyno, no Kayfabe.


Match 2 - Baron Corbin vs. Apollo Crews: Jack Swagger on commentary

(S):Take 3,735. Still no smiles Crews here, sadly he is now just a prop for a Swagger and Corbin feud. Such a bad idea for both guys. If Swagger wins, Corbin is dead in the water. If/when Corbin wins, he gets no prestige from Swagger who has lost like for the last 3 years straight. 1.5/5
(J): First Swagger on commentary: he started off strong, but then he kind of flagged as the match went on. I don't know if he got wrapped up watching it, or just ran out of stuff to say. Still I think it's a promising step forward for him. Crews got dominated again, but we starting to see a more intense side of him. Corbin is really impressing me with how far he's come from being a speed-squash machine in NXT to getting pretty innovative in his dismantling of opponents. He's still got a way to go before he'll be holding any gold I think, but he's making great strides. The match itself though, was just kind of meh. Match rating: 2.5/5.

Backstage Interview: Dolph Ziggler

(S): We get it Ziggles, do or die. I hope you do or change characters because I'm over it.
J): I think Dolph just stole Becky Lynch's speech.


Match 3 - Ziggler vs Miz: Intercontinental Championship

(S): Good match but I was pretty angry at the lazy writing of Miz wins via hairspray again. I needed Bryan to come out and restart it or do anything that made sense for him. Nope, he saved that for later in the evening. Miz looks like a million bucks because he gets what he wants and Bryan is just looking like the dumbest person ever after their interactions. I assume more on this next week and I CAN wait... 2.5/5 Would have been a 3.5-4 but that ending was just dumb writing as Bryan looks stupid
(J): Here's how this match should have ended. After Maryse gets ejected, Ziggler picks up the win and we have a surprising title change on live TV. Then Miz demands his rematch, and then he uses the spray to get the win to get the title back. At No Mercy, just before Miz jumps brands, Ziggler takes back the title. It's not like WWE is dependent on PPV sales where only really big stuff happens then (let's face it, most of the time only a couple of really big things happen at each PPV). A title change on live TV would indicate that anything could happen, so tune in to see what we do next week. Great match though. Just didn't care for the ending. Match Rating: 3.5/5.


Match 4 - Orton vs. Rowan

(S): I am unsure where this is going, as it's just pointlessly dragging now. I get Orton wasn't cleared at Backlash, but this feud is drowning to me. Also why is Rowans mask now a Sheep clown? WTF. Super quick match with no surprises followed by a Wyatt promo on the tron. 2/5
(J): Meh. Orton looks like a BA again this week. Shocker. I like Orton, but come on. Why is Bray just talking instead of getting his turn at leaving Orton laying? Match rating 2/5.


Match 5 - Women's Tag Match: Naomi and Nikki Bell vs. Natalia and Carmella

(S): No Match, more Nikki and Carmella Feud. Looks like the feuds are Lynch/Bliss, Nikki/Carmella, and by default Naomi/Natalya. Though the last one isn't even a feud right now.
(J): I guess, you could call this a match? Really it was more of an excuse to let Carmella wail on Nikki, again. I wouldn't have minded this result, but could we at least have a match first? Just now really payed attention to the time. Guess they needed to hurry it along to get to the main event. Match rating: 1/5.

Match 6 - Cena vs. Ambrose

(S): Ambrose looks kinda heel to me, I feel we may see more of the tweener psycho Dean. Not a bad match, that saw Cena kick out of a finisher but lose anyway, surprisingly. Afterward AJ attacked both and Bryan announced Ambrose v Styles for the title next week because that matters. Ambrose getting the one up on Styles at the end was surprising. On this night he got one over an Cena AND Styles which is huge. They are definitely putting some stock in him for now. Match was 4/5
(J): JBL said it best. Ambrose pinning Cena wasn't an upset, but it was surprising. Decent match between these two filled with the usual spots. I'm guessing everyone is booing the announcement of the title match next Tuesday between Ambrose and Styles because they know that there's no way in hell Ambrose walks away with the title that night. Match Rating: 3/5.


(S): Not as exciting or interesting as prior Smackdowns have been. I really feel like both brands are in the middle right now. Raw has improved from it being somewhat unwatchable and Smackdown this week was not as intriguing. It wasn't a bad show by any means and they did some good stuff, but the roster depth is showing and it is lacking. To make matters worse, this week Raw got the cruiserweights which is some of the best wrestling available. 3/5 for the Over all.
(J): At first it seemed like we were shaping up to have a much better show tonight than last week. For the most part, I would say that we did. Unfortunately, while we did have two whole matches more this week than last, but the quality of those matches just drug down the over all quality of the show. Fortunately, segments like Becky and Bliss contract signing, and Slater and Rhyno helped save it. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like even though Smackdown was supposed to be the place that everyone got a chance, but we're still only seeing a few select individuals. Overall show rating: 3.25/5.

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